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Sales executives required for a new Tamworth call center. Great bonuses and incentives. Sales executives, team leaders, supervisors and managers required. For an immediate interview call 08444 150 777.

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There are many sales and telesales jobs in Tamworth, but the competition is fierce as Tamworth is known as a service town rather than one of manufacturing. A lot of companies set up their sales team in Tamworth as rental costs are low and the catchment pool is vast as many workers are willing to travel from local areas such as Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Atherstone and Birmingham.

 To help with your interview and successfully obtain employment then please read our basic guide to Tamworth sales jobs.

A Tamworth sales job application requires you to make an impact from the word "go" - this is more important than any other job sector. You need to make an immediate impact on your future employer.

Not Just a CV?

Now, most sales jobs applications require a CV which is a formal representation of your employment and working history, although there is room to express yourself within your CV it needs to be kept to of a formal nature and not express views and opinions. So, how do you stand out from the other 100 CV"s? Well it"s an easy but much overlooked method; simply attach a covering letter to your CV. This gives you the artistic freedom to express and convey your personality and motivations.

TOP TIPS: make sure your covering letter is:
*Professional – use good quality paper and make sure it"s printed and not hand written
*Personalise – address the letter to the person conducting the job interviews
*Qualify – you should immediately qualify why you are suitable for the job
*Achievements – list any main achievements that are applicable to the job
*Decisive – Make sure you finish your letter with a decisive statement i.e. suggest you will call over the next couple of days to further the application

The interview - It"s All About the Product

The key to any successful sales job application is selling yourself and your suitability and ability to sell the company"s products. A future employer is looking for passion and willingness to take on board their products as if they were your own. There"s no room for negativity it"s all about commitment to the product and remember; your future employer will share this passion so you already have something in common.

TOP TIPS: do your ground work on the company and their products before you attend your interview, most candidates will not research before an interview, research and knowledge will hold you in good light with your future employer.

Dress to Impress

The sales job you are applying for may be office based or could be field sales, either way you must make sure to dress in suitable office attire. Trainers, t-shirts, jeans and tracksuits are a BIG NO NO. The old saying goes "first impressions count" and I can"t stress how much this applies to a Tamworth sales job interview; the first 60 seconds can make or break your interview.

TOP TIPS: prepare your interview clothes 24 hours in advance; this may sound over the top but how many times have you burnt your shirt with your iron just as your about to go out. Preparation will leave you more relaxed on the day of the interview.

Salary and Earnings

Most Tamworth sales jobs have low basic rates of pay but are topped up with generous bonuses. Bonuses can work on a daily, weekly monthly or even yearly target. Normally bonuses are unlimited but the company will provide you with a OTE (On Target Earnings) figure; this will give you a rough idea of what you can earn if you are successful.

So now you"re ready, all you need is an interview - get the latest Tamworth sales jobs vacancies by entering your details here.


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